Joining the Agent Program with LIMITLESS, is to help you SUCCEED and Your Clients SAVE !

Our goal is to continuously expand and develop the depth or our billing optimization recovery services which best benefits our Agents and their customers alike! Becoming an LIMITLESS Agent means offering more services to your clients while increasing your profits.


All it takes is just an introduction and you will be on your way to helping your customers succeed even more. By expanding your service offerings through LIMITLESS’s suite of solutions, you can help your customers:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Profits
  • Improve efficiency
  • …while you grow their and your company’s profits!!!

Your offerings will include our ever-growing suite of products and services, such as:

  • Billing Optimization
  • Vendor Management
  • Cost Reduction Consulting

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding our Programs. Our LAR program is preferred by Agents who have clients that can benefit from telecom, utility and waste cost saving solutions. It’s easy to enroll and with just a few questions from your clients you can refer them to us and we’ll take care of the rest. You are compensated and it’s a WIN – WIN for both your client with their saving and you will the shared profit. Our BDA program is designed for Agents who prefer to present the services to their clients and close the contract.  We take care of the rest and the Agent earns an increased profit sharing reward. This program requires specific qualifiers to enroll. We would like to answer any question you may have regarding our programs.


Next steps:

  • Contact Us. By clicking above and completing the information on the next page.
  • Online Enrollment. We will email you the online application.
  • Welcome Email: You will receive your welcome email from LIMITLESS.
  • Login and Password to Agent Portal: LIMITLESS will send you an email with access to your agent portal you will have the resources to present cost reduction services to your contacts. Resources include videos, brochures, flyers, sample letters and other marketing materials that can be printed or send via email.
  • Agent Ongoing Support: You will receive tips and newsletters as well as dates for Webinars that will also assist you and provide the opportunity to ask questions and get support from our team as well as other agents.