Billing Optimization Plus

A complete investigation and management of your bills.
Billing Optimization

Vendors, Bills, Contracts, Compliance

Limitless Technology’s VMS Document Management platform (VMS-DM) allows an independent 3rd party to help you mitigate risks related to the management of complex and critical vendor documentation.  Our Billing Optimization process combines the power of an audit with the renegotiation of your contracts to provide superior rates, contract terms and conditions.
Our new Billing Optimization PLUS service combines the power of our VMS-DM platform PLUS our proven Billing Optimization savings to see even more value!
  • Contract Assessments
  • Benchmarking Analytics
  • Negotiation Support
  • Contract Management & Administration
Benefits of

Billing Optimization

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    Limitless Technology’s cost reduction specialists will database key critical cost elements and review your past billings to uncover all unnecessary charges/services & correct over-charged errors. We pursue all moneys due to you as a refund or credit, for what could be YEARS of unfair charges, laying the foundation for future cost savings.

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    Through our benchmark analytics process we ensure your rates, terms and conditions are in line with current or future market conditions, and inform you of competitive offerings. We negotiate rates, terms and conditions on behalf of our clients providing them with Best in Class competitive agreements.

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  • Spend Analytics

    Provides identification of profitability trends and compares/contrasts changes over time.

  • Benchmarking (Rates-Terms):

    Gain a competitive advantage with national insight on spend categories and vendors.

  • Vendor Risk Management:

    Track historical vendor data. Avoid duplication of selection errors.

  • Document Management System

    Increases search efficiency with detailed centralized repository.

  • Vendor Contract and Agreement Inventory

    Stops the misplacement of potentially cost affecting agreements and loss of assets.

  • Spend Visibility

    Identifies savings opportunities, better enforce and facilitate contract compliance.

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