Are you a good fit?

Our LAR (Lead Agent Referral) Program is designed for Agents who have relationships with qualified businesses or a network of individuals who they feel could use our Billing Optimization and Vendor Management Solution (VMS) Software. Open to Agents/Consultants who demonstrate the knowledge and confidence to introduce LIMITLESS services.These Agents simply INTRODUCE those individuals to us and WE DO ALL THE SELLING. The Agent simply makes a warm introduction via a phone call or in person meeting, and even in some cases an email may qualify. We explain our services to these introduced potential Clients and if they are interested, we move forward with an agreement and engagement to uncover savings and manage vendors.

There are no upfront fees to become an Agent with LIMITLESS

The requirements to become an agent are:
1. A completed and signed LEAD AGENT REFERRAL AGREEMENT and a
2. A completed and signed W-9 (for commission payment).
3. Provide a great lead!


LIMITLESS LAR Agent Program is designed to reward organizations, or individuals, who refer opportunities to LIMITLESS that result in new business. All you have to do is favorably position LIMITLESS to the potential customer/organization and facilitate an introduction between both parties. When the lead results in a signed contract you earn a commission.

Marketing Support:

We have brochures, PDF’s, videos, documents, web links and more in an LIMITLESS Agent Portal for you to use how you would like to market LIMITLESS. We provide scripts so use in phone calls and email templates to use in introductions so the work is done for you.

How to start:

CLICK HERE to start. Once you complete the simple online Agreement and submit a signed W-9 you will be enrolled and we will email you your Login and Password to the Agent Portal with access to resources.

Agent Ongoing Support:

You will receive tips and newsletters as well as dates for Webinars that will also assist you and provide the opportunity to ask questions and get
support from our team as well as other agents.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the LAR program OR click here to complete the LAR contact form. We will then email you the Agent Agreement. Looking forward to having you as part of our LAR program!

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