The missing letter is U.

Missing uPost Summary: YOU are not getting fair results when it comes to telecom overage regulations. Therefore, YOU need to take action when it comes to what you are being charged and if in fact YOU are being overcharged. There are many instances when it comes to the major carriers being fined for overages.

Know your rights as a wireless customer!

Wireless customers sometimes find various charges and items on their monthly wireless telephone bills confusing. Under FCC’s Truth-in-Billing rules, service providers must provide clear, non-misleading, plain language describing all services for which your business is being billed. They must identify the service provider associated with each charge on the bill.

Many charges appear on any given bill including;
• Access charges
• Federal excise tax
• State and local tax
• Universal service charges
• 911, LNP and TRS charges
• Other charges
• Airtime charges
• Roaming charges
• Text messaging
• Downloading fees
• Detailed billing

You should be familiar with all of the charges on your telecom billing and your original contract to ensure you are not being overcharged.

If you have concerns about your telecom expenses and want to find out if you are being overcharged – contact us with your questions.