Koelsch Communities has been a client of Limitless Technology since 2012. Our first engagement with the client was with technology expenses, then over time have added utility spend, then more than a dozen or so spend categories.


Unify 32 different communities, and identify billing errors and negotiate better contract terms. The largest issue was with their bulk TV Contract. Koelsch was acquiring a community that had a very unfavorable terms. We did not want to assume the contract as it stood. Koelsch was advised by their broker that by the terms of the agreement it had to be assumed, and could be renegotiated it at renewal in a few years.


Limitless Technology guided customer through contract negotiation, and added that we believed there was a chance to amend the terms upon deal closing. Within a couple of weeks of closing Limitless Technology successfully renegotiated the terms to put them in line with Koelsch’s other communities. This resulted in a significant first month expense savings in this single category alone that continues to this day.


Nearly $450,000 in total savings.