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5 Simple Steps for Optimizing Telecom Expenses:

Can Optimizing your Expenses have a big impact on your P&L?

1. Look at your initial contract. A good place to start to see what you initially contracted with the provider.
2. Look through the bill and check off those items that make sense and you feel are correct and should be paying.
3. Highlight any other charges that do not have an explanation (misc. charges, other services, 3rd party charges etc…)
4. Contact your provider and review those items over the phone and get an explanation for each item. If it can’t be explained asked for it to be removed.
5. If there are any 3rd party charges that you were not aware of have those removed.
6. REPEAT each month. Unfortunately, charges sometimes continue to reappear.

Just a few simple steps can make a big impact on your P&L, however, if you feel that you need more assistance in reviewing contract, billing and optimize go-forward contract rates – or if you have any questions please call LT~CRS for detailed analytical processes, efficient procedures and proven best practices for many clients – over many years.

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