Consulting Services

We perform a deep-dive investigation of the current process
Consulting Services

Analyze, Evaluate and Assess

Our consulting services are available to any client who is simply looking for a partner to review their vendor management policies and procedures. Limitless Technology has extensive experience in various areas of cost reduction consulting.

  • Cost Analysis & Metrics
  • RFP Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Process Management

After discussing the goals of the Client, we perform a deep-dive investigation of your current vendors, services, and process, uncovering all necessary information to appropriately evaluate the current state. We then analyze, evaluate and assess the situation looking for gaps, ineffective procedures, or broken processes.

Limitless Technology

Process Improvement Plan

The goal of any good executive is to focus on Process Improvement. The end-goal is to define process improvements and develop a strategic and tactical plan for their internal team to follow, ultimately reducing costs and decreasing inefficiencies. We search for desired outcomes that match the Vision and Mission of the Client. We constantly keep in mind our clients’ budgets and growth goals when determining the best solutions and outcomes. Working collaboratively with their in-house resources, we walk them through every step of our process and share our years of expertise to build a best-in-class vendor management team.

Let Us Improve Your Process

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  • Spend Analytics

    Provides identification of profitability trends and compares/contrasts changes over time.

  • Benchmarking (Rates-Terms):

    Gain a competitive advantage with national insight on spend categories and vendors.

  • Vendor Risk Management:

    Track historical vendor data. Avoid duplication of selection errors.

  • Document Management System

    Increases search efficiency with a detailed centralized repository.

  • Vendor Contract and Agreement Inventory

    Stops the misplacement of potentially cost affecting agreements and loss of assets.

  • Spend Visibility

    Identifies savings opportunities, better enforce and facilitate contract compliance.

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