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Our clients express their experience with Limitless Technology

Limitless Technology Clients, Aaron Koelsch, President, and Dennis Christianson, CFO of Koelsch Communities share their experience with Limitless Technology and Limitless Technology’s Vendor Management Solutions.

Limitless Technology Client, Gene Cursio, Executive Vice President (Consulate Health Care and Envoy Health Care) shares his experience with Limitless Technology and the processes in this Video Testimonial.

Dennis Christianson

“It is my pleasure to relay to you the value that Limitless has provided to Koelsch Communities not only in regard to tangible and measurable cost reductions, but also in the areas of confidence in our accounts payable process and the ease of visibility into our monthly spend in several important areas across all our communities.”
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Dennis Christianson
Gene Curcio

“Our company, Envoy Health Care, and an affiliate, Consulate Health Care, engaged Limitless Technology CRS to conduct a full audit of both companies and their subsidiaries’ telecom costs. The audit covered virtually every facet of our telecom usage and cost spectrum, including, local and long distance land lines, conference calling, cell phones…”
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Gene Curcio
Executive Vice President

Dennis Christianson


In appreciation of Limitless Cost Reduction Specialists

August 1, 2019

“It is my pleasure to relay to you the value that Limitless has provided to Koelsch Communities not only in regard to tangible and measurable cost reductions, but also in the areas of confidence in our accounts payable process and the ease of visibility into our monthly spend in several important areas across all our communities.

We engaged with Limitless in 2012 after a thorough vetting of their abilities. Without hesitation I can now say they deliver more than what they promise. They do so without loud bragging and by quietly proving month after month that they are good at what they do. Our first engagement with Limitless was with our technology expense, then we added utility spend, then we engaged with them for a dozen or so spend categories across our 32 communities.

Most recently, we have engaged with them to monitor and manage our spend in the area of resident referral fees. All totaled, we have experienced nearly $450,000 of expense savings to date including some early wins finding errors and getting refunds in resident referral fee billing.

The single biggest category of savings for Koelsch is in the area of bulk TV in our communities. This accounts for about one-third of our overall savings. A quick story: Koelsch was acquiring a community that had a very unfavorable bulk TV contract. We did not want to assume the contract and its terms. We were advised by our broker that by the terms of the agreement we had to assume it and we could renegotiate it at renewal in a few years. That was marginally acceptable. My next call was to Limitless. Cindy told us to assume the contract; the worst case was they knew they could get it reduced at renewal and she knew by how much. Then she added that she really believed there was a chance to amend the terms upon deal closing. We had nothing to lose. Within a couple of weeks of closing Limitless successfully renegotiated the terms to put them in line with our other communities. This resulted in a significant first month expense savings in this single category alone that continues to this day.

The Limitless team is respectful, helpful and professional. They get results that support the work of my accounts payable team. Most AP teams are good at tracking, paying and reporting company spend. Most AP teams are not experts on noticing differences between communities, seeing minor billing errors or negotiating better terms.

To Koelsch, it makes sense to partner with experts. We are proud to partner with Limitless.”

Stan Anderson

Director of IT

“Plum Healthcare Group, LLC was approached by Limitless Technology at the NIC conference in 2013. Our CEO invited them to contact me to see how they could help us in reducing our telecom, wireless, cable, and internet costs. After meeting with Todd Larsen and hearing how they could help us find significant savings by thoroughly auditing our bills and plans, we engaged Limitless Technology in early 2014. I was intrigued by the solution they offered because, over the past 14 years, Plum had been growing rapidly through acquisitions, including a very large purchase in 2011 of 27 facilities. I always had a nagging feeling that there were many phone lines and services no longer in use and never really addressed during the transactions.

After working on several buildings, my sense of waste was confirmed. The team at Limitless Technology worked tirelessly with us to review our invoices to find savings in almost every case! I was so grateful they were the ones interacting with the various carriers. They fought long and hard with difficult and slow-to-respond carriers, acting as our advocate every step of the way. They were so professional and courteous. I consider them to be a part of my team, dedicated to dealing with one of the most frustrating aspects of my job. They helped us to cancel unused services and contracts, to get the best pricing available, and to negotiate very favorable contracts for us.

As a result, we saw a 37% annual savings in Local, Long Distance and Wireless services! They also saved us 10% in other areas like TV, broadband circuits, and conference calling services. Our overall savings was 31% representing over $621,000 in annual savings. I am currently working with Limitless Technology on ways we can continue to ensure that we stay on top of the often confusing and time-consuming black hole of telecom and data spend. If you have a nagging feeling (like I did) that there is waste in your organization related to your telecom costs, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes talking with the great people at Limitless Technology. Bring them onto your team as I did. You will not be disappointed.”

Quintin King


“Brightwater Senior Living engaged with LT-CRS in early 2016 to review our utility, wireless phone, cable, and internet costs. Although we only had a few communities, LT-CRS was still interested in working with us and continuing to drive savings in areas we are not experts in. The group at LT-CRS worked closely with our small team to evaluate our invoices to find savings. The team worked hard with carriers that were not as interested in finding reductions and costs savings as we were. Having a third-party work directly was extremely helpful, where we didn’t’ really have the knowledge or time to focus on these areas.

As a result, we saw significant savings in our wireless services bills and know that as we develop additional communities we will be using LT-CRS for initial setup and continued review of our carriers. I would recommend contacting the group at LT-CRS to discuss how they can help in your organization. Many companies think that they can find these savings internally but most don’t take the time or have the experience to do so. Thank you LT-CRS for being part of our team and helping us save on wasted areas so that we can fund many better-deserved areas.”

Ron Haney


Cascade Health Services, LLC recently enlisted the assistance of Limitless Technology to audit and reduce telecommunication costs.

“Cascade Health Services, LLC owns and manages five skilled nursing facilities across Texas. Keeping management costs minimal yet effectively helps maintain the integrity of our organization. That is why we relied on LT-CRS, an organization with a reputation for streamlining service needs collaboratively and concisely.

Limitless Technology professionals simplified the process. We were extremely pleased with the little time and effort required by our staff during the audit. Their expertise in uncovering billing errors, negotiating our current contracts, and renegotiating new contracts has led to reductions in our cable, internet, landline telephone, and wireless telephones costs which exceeded our expectations.

We were particularly impressed when they uncovered and obtained a credit of nearly $40,000.00 from one of our cable providers, something we simply had no idea was possible. When we entered into our agreement with LT-CRS we had hopes of future savings so receiving a check back from a provider was both surprising and welcome addition to what we believed possible.

Here are the numbers that speak to the great job Limitless Technology did in finding ways to better utilize our technology services.

  • Overall Savings 49.51 %
  • Annual Savings $76,919.64
  • Reduced local billing by over 21%
  • Reduced internet billing by over 31%
  • Reduced conferencing billing 85.69%

Cascade Health Services highly recommends Limitless Technology – Cost Reduction Specialists as a resource for your telecommunication cost reduction savings.”

Chris Nelson

Finance Director

Retirement Community Finance Director shares their concern with “Controlling Expenses

“I am extremely lucky to have met Tom Carrigan at the NIC Conference in Chicago. As a single-site non-profit CCRC, controlling our expenses is extremely important to us; however, most of our time internally is focused on expenses associated with staffing or medical supplies, or food. During our initial meeting, Tom laid out a clear plan for how Limitless Technology may be able to find some savings within our telecommunication spend.

Tom and his team of Pam Feirick, Cindy Larsen, and Terri Frederique are extremely knowledgeable, and the service they provide is top-notch. They were good representatives of Meadowlark Hills in all of their talks with our vendors. As a result of their work, our telecommunications expenses went down by 14%. Included in these savings were 18% savings in our bulk cable spend, 15% savings in wireless services, and almost 30% savings in paging services.

There’s more good news…. The time spent by our staff internally on this project was very minuscule. All of the leg work was performed by Tom’s team. Our accounts payable clerk spent a few minutes on the front end e-mailing invoices to the team and then on the back end we approved the changes. It was as simple as that.”

James H. Floyd

Information System Director

Orthopaedic Clinic expresses satisfaction with Business Communication – Vendor Management Solutions – Continually Improving and Cutting Costs.

I want to personally express how satisfying it is to have a business communication vendor like Limitless Technology to support Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic in our efforts to continually improve our communication network and cutting costs. In September of 2011, Duane Coffey of Net/Complete, and IT consultant that I rely on for over fifteen years, suggested that I call Todd Larsen from Limitless Technology and that his company could help Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic with controlling phone cost.

When I contacted Todd by phone, I was so impressed with his value proposition, that I set up a meeting with our CFO Martha Harriman and myself. From our first meeting in October 2011 to today, Limitless Technology staff Todd Larsen, Cindy Larsen, Pam Feirick, Tom Carrigan, and others behind the scenes have been extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Whatever service Jewett requested whether it be:

  • Telecom billing audit which we still have in place today in TEM
  • Work with Bright House TV to combine invoices for 8 offices to one statement
  • Consult on Two-Way Radio selection
  • Negotiate a renewal telecom contract with Century Link in 2011
  • Selection of new Telecom company – Windstream in 2013
  • Organize and plan the multi-site Telecom switch over from Century Link to Windstream
  • Consult on a new fiber network architecture and vendor selection
  • Negotiate a renewal contract with Bright House giving Jewett the redundant fiber service needed to remove the current AT&T fiber network for significant savings.

Listed above are just some of the key services that Limitless Technology has provided Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic over the last two and a half years, and I am looking forward to continuing our trusted relationship for years to come.

Limitless Technology is dedicated and passionate to provide the best possible outcome for its customer on any service in their strong portfolio of services.

Keith R. Gibbons


20 Skilled Nursing Facility with annual revenues exceeding $175 million CEO “Limitless Technology has saved ECC and its client nursing homes over $300,000 per year.

“Extended Care Consulting, LLC, which provides consulting services to over 20 skilled nursing facilities with annual revenues exceeding $175 million, has been extremely pleased to work with Limitless Technology, LLC in a successful effort to audit and reduce our telecommunication costs. Extended Care has grown significantly over time, and we intuitively knew there had to be redundancies and overcharges in our telecommunication services.

However, we did not have the internal resources or knowledge to effectively follow up on that insight. Enter Limitless Technology. By the end of their approximately 4-month audit, Limitless Technology has saved ECC and its client nursing homes over $300,000 per year in various telecommunication categories, including local phone, wireless phone, TV/cable, and conferencing services. On a percentage basis, that is over 30% of our baseline charges pre-audit. In terms of the audit itself, Limitless Technology made an inherently complicated process as simple as possible.

They interacted seamlessly with our various staff members and were understanding and helpful when we were having difficulty pulling the required information together. Also, any proposed changes were explained and discussed in detail before implemented. Extended Care Consulting, LLC would highly recommend Limitless Technology to any organization, especially one with multiple locations/users, that desires to analyze its current telecommunication infrastructure and determine if significant savings are possible. If you would like to speak with me in more detail regarding my experience with Limitless Technology, please do not hesitate to call at 847-905-4022.”

Ellen Plummer

Vendor Management Analyst

“It was noted by Partners Federal Credit Union that an audit of all the various telecom accounts had not been done in a number of years, if ever. After a quick Google search, LT-CRS was found and contact was established. Their response was prompt and thorough and we quickly decided that out of the various companies we contacted for this kind of service, LT-CRS was the way to go!

Most of our initial contact included the CEO, Todd Larsen, and that was very important to us. We were very impressed that Todd took such a personal interest in his clients and worked very closely, in the beginning, to ensure that the audit started off successful. Right from the beginning, they were transparent about their work, their methods, and how they would do their best to find us the best savings possible.

Our team at LT-CRS worked hard to get us the best possible deals, identify old and unused phone lines (we were paying for 3 random personal landlines for who knows how many years!!), and reduce our wireless bills while also increasing our data limits! Who knew any of that was possible!?

LT-CRS will do the work that companies can’t do on their own because they have the expertise and the personnel to get it done for you! We hope that our relationship with LT-CRS continues to grow over the years and they will help us audit other services as well. Thank you Todd, Cindy, and team!”

Cullen S. Gibson

Vice President of Operations

“TLC Management has had the privilege of working with Limitless Technology for the past several months. TLC Management’s portfolio includes twenty skilled nursing facilities and numerous other ancillary and healthcare-related entities with annual revenues of over 150 million dollars. Indeed, the size of TLC Management makes it necessary to have proper auditing practices in place relative to accounts payable management. We certainly do not have the resources to micromanage all of our payables and we recognized that we did not have the expertise to negotiate price reductions and termination of services related to our technology costs. TLC searched for an outside auditing organization that would meet our needs in this area of technology auditing (i.e. phone bills, wireless bills, etc.). We were certainly excited to see what Limitless Technology could do when we signed the contract with them in November 2011. Limitless Technology has performed beyond our expectations with nearly 100,000 dollars in savings confirmed. This savings includes but is not limited to:

  • 40% savings in Long Distance billing
  • 78% savings in Conferencing services
  • Just under $15,000 in credits already issued
  • Removed near $2,000 a month in billing for services not being utilized

TLC Management would highly recommend that any organization (with multiple sites and phone users) welcomes Limitless Technology into their board room and allow them to present their array of services. Moreover, the staff at Limitless Technology is made up of consummate professionals who seek approvals on any changes to an organizations’ technology infrastructure. You will know in advance BEFORE any changes are made. This was very important to TLC as we moved forward in this relationship. Finally, should you have any questions regarding TLC’s experience with Limitless Technology, please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone at 765-517-1352.”

Gene Curcio

Executive Vice President

“Our company, Envoy Health Care, and an affiliate, Consulate Health Care, engaged Limitless Technology CRS to conduct a full audit of both companies and their subsidiaries’ telecom costs. The audit covered virtually every facet of our telecom usage and cost spectrum, including, local and long-distance landlines, conference calling, cell phones, and broadband services and phone systems, and internal telecom management. Our companies had grown rapidly and as a result of acquisitions, we inherited different phone systems, a myriad of circuit contracts, and disparate telecom systems. We had the sense that we had a bit of a mess on our hands but didn’t quite know where to start to sort out our telecom usage and expense management.

We started the engagement with skepticism about the potential savings and ended the engagement astounded at how much money we had been wasting. We didn’t know what we didn’t know until we brought in professionals who understood these services far better than our internal staff and who could devote the dedicated and focused resources to such a project. The results of the audit were impressive. At Limitless Technology’s direction, we terminated and amended contracts and negotiated new contracts, dropped unused circuits, and changed our internal processes to pay much more attention to our telecom bills. We saved approximately $900,000 or 25% of our total telecom spending of $3.6 million. Limitless Technology was professional, efficient, and minimally disruptive to our staff. We’d highly recommend them to any company that spends significant dollars on telecom services.”

Martha M. Harrimann


Limitless Technology recently completed a phone/communications audit for Jewett.

“From the start of the process to the conclusion, Todd and Cindy have been extremely professional, thorough, and knowledgeable.

They were always on top of all of the changes and the follow-through was extremely efficient. They saved us approximately 15% of our total communications expenses and approximately 30% of the items that could be affected.

I have been quite impressed with their entire process and would not hesitate to recommend their services. We plan to continue utilizing their services on an ongoing basis.”

Gayle Pryor

Vice President

“We have had the pleasure of working with Cindy and staff in analyzing our communication bills (telephone, fax, DSL). This resulted in thousands of savings per year and streamlined our billing as well. With 8 locations and offices, we were receiving 9 different bills with numerous different charges. I had tried to analyze them myself which sometimes resulted in higher charges only because our phone company knew the ins and outs of their billing and I didn’t. We now receive one bill and I know exactly what it should be. I also have the peace of mind in knowing that if there is a discrepancy I have someone who I can call.”

Jake Butz

Director of IT

“Bay Towel recently enlisted Limitless Technology to perform an audit of our recurring technology expenses to try to reduce our overall service cost. As a mid-sized industrial laundry, I was initially skeptical about Limitless Technology and its ability to truly negotiate and find savings within our current providers and agreements. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

The overall experience with Limitless Technology was professional and straightforward. After providing the initial documentation for the audit phase, Limitless Technology took over and required very little from my team to complete their audit. They handled negotiations with our suppliers and only implemented approved changes to our services. In the end, they were able to save us over 27% within our current agreements without straining any relationships with our strategic suppliers. I want to thank you and your amazing team for helping us find savings that we didn’t even know were there.”