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Fully Managed Vendor Services

Absolute visibility into your vendors and spend.

Complete and Comprehensive Fully Managed Vendor Solution.

Fully managing complex indirect spend and vendor documentation requires technology, tools, process, expertise, time, commitment, and resources. It’s not easy. Plus, it takes a team of people who know where to look and what to look for with your vendors. That is exactly what you will get, when you work with Limitless Technology.

A true fully managed solution is one where a 3rd party provides your business with support for each component of your complex indirect spend and vendor documentation. It requires technology, tools, process, expertise, time, commitment, and resources. It’s not easy, and it takes a team of people who know where to look and what to look for with your vendors.

There are 2 critical components to providing an effective fully managed VMS service. First you must have a document management platform that contains your vendor/supplier database with every element of your relationship defined. From rate to renewal, the system needs to be set up so that it can provide notifications and escalations to your vendor management team.

Second, you must have a team of experienced professionals that know how to conduct an effective bill audit. These are the people who can determine where there are opportunities for improvement. It is not enough to simply compare 3 different rate quotes, and choose the best cost. They need the knowledge to understand where others in the market are priced, so you can ensure your rates are not just good, but compare favorably with others businesses like yours.

Bringing together the people and the platform is what allows the magic to happen. By having a 3rd party that can implement a fully managed platform, there are obvious benefits:

Why do you need a

Fully Managed VMS Solution?

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    » Monthly Invoice reviews
    » Ongoing rate, T & C’s optimization
    » Benchmark Analytics process
    » 3rd Party Expertise
    » Share of Savings – 100% of Savings is Yours!
    » No Fee Guarantee

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    » Increased efficiency
    » Reduced Impact of employee turnover
    » Centralized platform and processes
    » Lower risk of non-compliance
    » Benchmarking analysis
    » Monthly reporting and invoice reviews
    » Ongoing rate and term optimization

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  • Spend Analytics

    Provides identification of profitability trends and compares/contrasts changes over time.

  • Benchmarking (Rates-Terms):

    Gain a competitive advantage with national insight on spend categories and vendors.

  • Vendor Risk Management:

    Track historical vendor data. Avoid duplication of selection errors.

  • Document Management System

    Increases search efficiency with detailed centralized repository.

  • Vendor Contract and Agreement Inventory

    Stops the misplacement of potentially cost affecting agreements and loss of assets.

  • Spend Visibility

    Identifies savings opportunities, better enforce and facilitate contract compliance.

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