Frequently Asked Questions regarding LIMITLESS Agent Program.

To provide the most information regarding our agent programs, we have comprised a list of our most frequently asked questions. If we did not answer your question here please let us know.  Call 866-929-8860 ext. 105 or use our online form.

What is the target audience and/or what qualifies an organization for VMS?

LIMITLESS provides nationwide vendor management solutions and billing optimization services to medium, large, and enterprise businesses exceeding $300,000 in annual spending. While we do work within numerous industries we have a large client base in the long-term health care, retirement communities, senior living, and skilled nursing industry.

How long does it take to implement a Vendor Management Solution (VMS)?

While every situation with our clients will, at LIMITLESS, we make every attempt to implement our process and get results as quickly as possible.

How much does a Vendor Management Solution cost?

The cost will vary depending on the number of vendors, service providers, and the number of services performed by each vendor.

What support or marketing documents are available to Agents to use when introducing services?

Once an Agent qualifies and becomes an agent of LIMITLESS we provide them with several marketing tools to help them with making introductions to potential clients. These materials include customized sell sheets, email scripts, and printed brochures upon request. We are here to support you to answer any question you may have and assist you with your potential customers

Is commission earned for referrals?

YES. Please contact us for earning potential details.

Does the commission include any additional auditing or services performed after the initial audit?

Yes. If you follow up with clients and they bring additional billing optimization to LIMITLESS you will commission for additional referrals.

Are there any upfront fees to become an agent?

No. There are no upfront fees to become an agent.

Are there any quotas to stay in the agent program? 

No, there are no quotas or any other fees associated with our Agent Programs.

How many other Agents are in the program? What areas do they cover?

We have multiple Agents throughout the US. They vary in the areas they cover.

What is required to become an Agent?

The requirements to become an agent are:

  1. A completed and signed LAR or BDA AGREEMENT
  2. A completed and signed W-9 (for commission payment).
  3. A qualification review

When do I receive payment/commission?

Payment/commissions will be made 30 days from monies received from Companies client in the form of a check to the Agent.

I am interested, where do I begin qualifying to become an Agent?

Complete the AGENT APPLICATION and we will contact you to discuss further opportunities.