Backup Systems - Limitless TechnologyThere’s a debate about the best kind of backup, but storing your data offsite and online is a good option.  The cloud has brought about a revolution in inexpensive storage, making backing up online inexpensive and fuss-free. Essentially, there are two: dedicated backup services and cloud sync services.

Dedicated backup usually comes with a client that’s able to watch files or folders (including types of files) and back them up when they change.   Cloud sync services take a different approach, adding a magic folder or drive to your computer, the contents of which are automatically and invisibly synced online.    Cloud sync is a more immediate form of backup, and if you create and edit files within the magic folder everything will be backed-up automatically.

Cloud Storage - Limitless TechnologyConsider security. Your data will be undoubtedly be stored encrypted but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if the sign-on system is weak. Some cloud storage providers require you to use your email address as a login name, for example, meaning that anybody who wants to access your data surreptitiously only has to guess your password. If you choose a strong and unique password then this shouldn’t be an issue.


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