There are several benefits to reviewing your telecommunication bills each month.  You could be paying for communication or technology that you don’t use.  This is why you may want to consider a telecom expense audit to see what you’re currently paying for and what you should be paying for.

1) Avoid overages – often times employees may need more cell phone minutes than the allotment they are initially given.  If this is the case you may consider increasing your cell phone usage plan.

2) Don’t be late to pay your bills – finance charges and late fees are costly.  Simple bill payment automation can avoid unnecessary expense month after month.

3) Remove the “dead weight” – often times when an employee leaves a company or changes job functions within their cell phone is not disconnected.  If left untouched your organization will continue to pay for this “active” line even though the phone is technically no longer in use.

4) Recycle old equipment – if you have a storage closet full of old equipment start recycling.  Get these off your books and disconnect the service, stop paying for outdated equipment that nobody will use.

5) Avoid Excessive Roaming Charges – keep a calendar of which employees will travel and whose phone needs international coverage.  The roaming charges can be quite high if an international roaming plan is not pre-selected.

These are just a few examples of how an organization can start the telecommunications cost reduction process.  For more ideas on where to save or to schedule your free telecom review please contact us on our website or call 1-866-504-4050.