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TRANSFORM Your Views on Decreasing Costs and Improving Operations

When William Ing (Known as Bill Ing to friends and family) met Optimize Prime

Times were dire. Profits were shrinking, volume was down, the market was in peril and the future of The Galaxy was at Stake (Bill owned a healthcare facility named The Galaxy…). Mr. Ing faced a difficult dilemma…what time must be spent to decrease cost Vs improve operations?

As there are only so many hours in the day week and month, what could be done about the need for both, when there was only enough time to dedicate to one. Sacrifice one and hope the other would fix itself? Try to place energy towards both and risk a poor outcome return on “the split” of invested time? If only there was a way to do both… right?

No mortal man could tackle it alone, but was there a source that could help change the profitability of operations? Is there an author, expert or specialist that could define a way to improve the bottom line?

Engage Optimize Prime. The source of reduction. The power of improvement. The destroyer of malignant errors.


In all reality the need for bottom line profitability is not science fiction. In fact more than ever, the need to maintain profitability as a publicly traded or private organization is at it’s highest point and may be the difference between staying in business or not.

Our business focuses on reducing your costs and improving your profitability, so you can focus on improving your operations efficiencies, effectiveness and enriched bottom line.

Don’t let the problems just exist when it comes to your telecom costs. Let our optimization services assist your prime goal…profitability.

Limitless Technology~CRS

Delivering expert results on: telecom auditing, telecom contract management, telecom expense management, and telecom billing optimization services.