Broadview’s Cloud-based IP Communications Solution Increases Customers’ Mobility and Effectiveness in the Community


RYE BROOK, N.Y.—November 17, 2011—Human Services, Inc. (HSI), a community services agency with 12 locations in Chester County, Pennsylvania specializes in outpatient mental health and has been serving consumers for more than 35 years. The agency operates numerous facilities, including supported-living residential homes for special needs clients. Consistent, person-centered communication for its consumers and clinicians is paramount to its service base.

However, HSI was faced with the challenge of how to effectively provide service to consumers who called into its offices when its staff of counselors and physicians were dispersed throughout locations all over the county. Instead of being personally connected to an appropriate agency professional, consumers were often received by automated answering and voicemail.

To overcome this operational challenge, HSI engaged Broadview Networks, a communications and cloud services company, to implement a cloud-based IP phone solution.  By installing OfficeSuite®, Broadview has enabled HSI’s staff members to be more mobile and in-touch with their special needs clients. They can now move from treatment center to treatment center while continuing to manage such daily activities as taking phone calls and communicating with consumers or other HSI employees using e-mail.

“It has been very difficult for consumers with special needs to leave our residential facilities in order for them to see their clinicians. By allowing our mobile case managers to respond personally and in a timely manner to their consumers’ needs, Broadview has now also enabled HSI to have personal contact with every consumer, no matter their location,” said Karen Smith, HSI’s fiscal/IT supervisor.

OfficeSuite’s® mobile twinning feature enables doctors’ incoming calls to ring simultaneously at their desk phones and cell phones, allowing them to be untethered from their desks and ensuring that they’ll never miss critical phone calls.

“With our new phone system, our clinicians now have access to all their incoming office phone calls and voicemail while out in the field. It has made all the difference in enabling them to be in the community, physically working face-to-face with consumers.  We went from no mobility to having our staff meeting consumers 75% of the time,” explained Ms. Smith.

OfficeSuite’s® mobility features are vital for the successful execution of HSI’s critical services. It has made clinicians more productive and available to clients while in the field and has eliminated the need for them to give out personal cell phone numbers.

In addition to increased employee mobility, Broadview’s OfficeSuite® has also made it possible for HSI to focus on the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

“OfficeSuite® has given us much more mobility and flexibility right out of the box.  Not only are our clinicians’ jobs now 100% easier, but it has also enabled the entire organization to serve our clients better. It would have cost us three times as much to accomplish this with our previous company, and it would have made our EMR project a much more daunting task,” said Ms. Smith.

OfficeSuite® is Broadview’s award-winning cloud-based phone solution that provides businesses of any size with an IP-based phone system, unlimited nationwide calling and an easy-to-use Web portal to manage the service. OfficeSuite® delivers a complete solution with more than 40 features and typically requires no capital investment, no expensive maintenance contracts or additional IT resources. Businesses also can easily add Broadview’s FrontLine™ MPLS service to securely connect locations in a fully meshed and QoS-enabled data network.

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