Cash Is King. Right?

cashMost C-level executives are trying to find the best ways to raise, use, deploy, fund, and invest money, while simultaneously being concerned with payments, processing, compliance, efficiencies, effectiveness, operational excellence and of course costs.

No matter how your look at it…it’s about money.

At the end of the day, without money, it is hard to reach whatever Goal or Mission you set out to accomplish…no matter how strong the desire or passion.

Most owners and C-levels try to find this money or “gold” outside their company through investors, but there is also “gold in your own backyard” that may be going unnoticed or unfound. Uncovering and finding that “gold” is not always the easiest of tasks. However, the cash is there, just knowing how to find it is all you really need.

Take for instance your “unnecessary features” or “hidden charges” built into your rate code (price) that, without being able to tear down the actual price build, would be extremely difficult to find. Yet Billions of dollars are wasted or “over-paid” every day by 100’s of thousands of Companies. However, the expertise it takes to find these charges is relatively rare, and does not exist within most Companies, and can only be found outside the Companies employee base.

But those charges are still there; in fact, one well known consulting group made this statement, “U.S. businesses waste over $38 billion a year…due to telephone company errors?” (Aberdeen) and as if that is not enough another well-known firm states “Global companies’ IT departments will waste an estimated $100 billion over the next five years by overspending on network products and services.” (Gartner)So if Cash is King, this may be just another Royal Pain.

Sad part…is this is just ONE industry. Imagine if you were to look at just this area what may be able to be found?

Stop…and consider how much “gold” is in your potential overpayments and that “Cash” may already be in your hands, or should I say in someone else’s.