How to Make A Change This New Year?

make the jump

What is your New Years resolution? A lot of you will agree that (in general) the resolution always involves being better.

Whether it is a better body, to be better with your kids, or to be better in your company, changing is always a struggle. Mainly due to the fact that it takes you so far out of your comfort zone. If you don’t have the support you need, bringing yourself out of your comfort zone alone and taking a leap of faith, is often too terrifying.

Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists would like to give a few tips on how to build that support system which will achieve your aspirations. We are a company that helps other companies, so many of the examples are business related, but they apply to any change you want to make:

1. Don’t Let people without the power to tell you yes, tell you no: If you have a great idea for your company or a new goal for yourself, don’t let people around you without power affect your life negatively. For instance, if you have a co-worker telling you that you will never get your idea approved, do not listen to them. That person does not have any power in getting that idea into the CEO’s hands, so why would you let that deter you? Always be confident in yourself and if someone says no to you, understand there is always someone out there waiting to say yes.

2. Build a Support Network: Like we said before, it is incredibly terrifying to make a large change without support. Imagine you have an idea for your company that could save them money or make their business better in some way. However, you need to form a partnership with another company and make changes that may involve or affect someone or thing in your company. It may be scary to go into your CEO’s office alone however, by forming a support system who agrees with your ideas, you now have a group of people to stand behind you as you present your idea. A support system makes your commitment to the idea seem, look and feel much stronger.

3. Never, Ever Give Up: Many people define Bill Gates in many ways. A few words to describe him would be genius, humanitarian, and billionaire. Yet, here are a few words that you could also describe him with: failure and dropout. Now, we all know that those words don’t describe him now, but when Bill Gates was young, he ended up dropping out of Harvard and failing at his first business. The one biggest secret to success is realizing that you may fail, and if you do fail to learn from it and make yourself better.

LT~CRS hopes that this year you will achieve all you want in business and in life. Remember to fight for what you want and make the change. From a company that makes changes in businesses, we know firsthand that change can have very lucrative results.

So jump, take the leap, be an agent of change  and become exactly what you want to be.

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