Cindy-LarsenA tenured operations professional with background in providing superior operational, financial  and support services. As a results producing leader, Cindy has strong managerial skills that include: superior project and implementation.

Cindy’s one-to-one engagement with Clients produces strong bottom line results, while striving for 100% of our Clients satisfaction rating. (Currently 95.4%) As stated by one of our delighted Clients, ” Our initial contact with Cindy proved to be quite fruitful as she was able to reduce our phone and internet expenses dramatically. Over the ensuing months Cindy has continued to be very helpful, responsive and easy to work with, it is evident that she has our best interest in mind.”

With a relentless passion for Client satisfaction, Cindy’s sole focus is to have our Auditing Teams exceed all of our customers expectations regarding telecom and technology cost reduction servicing.