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Is the Cloud an overhyped technology?

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Discussion: Is cloud computing an overhyped technology?

Todd, bandwidth needs, capability and scalability are all fine and dandy until we run into a situation where the system shuts down, whether due to a natural disaster or a deliberate attack on the Internet.

And this is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

To gloss over this fact, is shortsighted… and the IT based industry is abound with those who are taking the short term, save a buck approach.

Posted by David Kleber



I understand your concern…but those things happen “shut downs, equipment failure, inability to afford the appropriate redundancy, attacks,viruses and more with IT inhouse also.

I hope you didn’t misconstrue my intent on the inevitable, and truly seen my point on the expected. Nor am I saying the cloud is there now with a “plug and play, no worries and walk away deliverable”…that you an afford.

But it will be.

So then you must know that if you can afford it, it is there.

Now it comes down to why would you put it in the cloud if you can do it cheaper yourself?

Which is one very big reason why the cloud is so attractive….COST. People, time, developed expertise, network redundancy, multiple delivery mechanisms and state of the art facilities and equipment CAN’T be afforded by most companies. And is not looked at close enough in the business planning and development phases of a business. People and companies forget all the “soft” and hard costs associated with being “state of the art”

Again…people are looking for perfect answers in a world that is not perfect. If its technology…it is not a matter of if it will break it when? And then…who is there when it does.

The cloud is coming. Know it, understand it, and use it where and when it makes the best sense for you.