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What College Can Tell You About Business

My daughter recently returned from her first year of college to spend the summer with my wife and I. I could tell that the year of business college had done her good, making her more confident and competent young lady. However, when I saw her final report card I noticed that she had one C- among her long list of A’s.

Now, if you have ever met my daughter, you would know that a B would have sent her into hysterics in high school… but when I turned and looked at her, there were no tears in her eyes. Instead, she had a huge smile and was bright eyed as she looked at her report card. When I asked her why she was not crying on my shoulder she said “ because of what the Dean of Students told me…”

She then told me the most intelligent advice I have ever heard an educator give…advice the I will tell you in this blog and relate it to how you should treat business.

Forget about grades (aka those quarterly reviews)– although these are helpful tools for management, reviews should not be a concern to you. The only thing focussing on these reviews will do to your performance is lower it. Instead make your own realistic goals. My daughter is a very intelligent girl, but even she cannot master a higher level accounting class when she has never even learned to balance a checkbook! So she gave herself a realistic goal of passing which she accomplished (sad to say more than 50% of her class did not…)

Join a sorority (in other words, make valuable connections)– Now my, daughter did not decide to do this, because she wanted to work instead ( She tries to be so independent) however, she did join a bunch of business clubs and honor societies. In college, like in business, quality connections are the most valuable thing you can make.

Have fun (this means the same thing in business)- Obviously college is not all about scholarly pursuits (although I really don’t want her to tell me about those things…) . What my daughter finally learned to do is have fun while learning. The same should be done in business. The more you enjoy your business, the more productive you will be!

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