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Why A Company’s Logo Is So Important


Why is a Logo so Important?

How long does it take to make a first impression? Would you guess ten or fifteen minutes? Nope. How about seven seconds? Well I am sure that you have heard that fact in a business conference before, but that is also not the answer. The Association for Psychological Science says it take a person about a tenth of a second to make a first impression just based on the features of a person’s face! You have no time to make an impression. That is why you come dressed in your nicest suit with, your biggest smile, and your best prepared discussion points and hope for the best.

However, you can’t be there all the time making a good impression for your company. So, isn’t it important that your company make a good first impression with its “face”?

A company’s “face” is how it is presented to a client. The company “face” is the first thing a potential client will see on the messages you send, your company website, and finally the building they enter as they come to see you. So it is important that your logo actually represents your services. Take for example LT~CRS’ logo.

LT~CRS Simple Logo

Many of our clients ask us why we have a tilde symbol (~) in our company’s written name and logo. The answer is the tilde is a symbol for cost savings, and that is what our company specializes in. The tilde (~) was actually used back when there were scribes whose jobs were to copy books and documents by hand. In order to save money on ink, the scribes would write a tilde to replace letters. For example, “We n~d to sp~k with the doctor.” The tilde made the scribe more efficient and reduced cost. Since our company has expertise in those areas, we chose the tilde to be in the center of our name.

In the same way a logo represents your company – Your vendors REPRESENT YOU! Your suppliers and vendors control the outcomes of your business services. If your elevator stalls, if your products fail, if your electric, utility or internet providers fail to provide the services in your agreements, the FACE of your company is impacted. Select vendors and negotiate contracts that will always represent your company and make a good first impression. This is imperative to your success!

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