Our deepest symapthy’s for the sufferings of our fellow American Bostonians

To all Bostonians, Friends, Family Members of, and Americans affected by this recent horrific event:

We at Limitless Technology ~ Cost Reduction Specialists, wanted to express our deepest of concern for those who have suffered and will suffer from this most unfortunate event. Our care and prayers go out to all who have felt the impact of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon this week and who will feel the tremors long after this event has become a shocking and horrendous memory.

We hope that each one of you can find peace somewhere amongst the calamity, and be able to embrace those close to you. Please strive to remember that strength comes from the hearts and minds of those willing to remain steadfast and hearty, against the madness of those willing to force down upon the innocents unforgiveable terror and insane actions. We here hope that one day no man, woman or child will need to feel the pain that our fellow Americans have this heartbreaking week.

Again our deepest and regretful condolences.