Existing Verizon Customers Are NOT Receiving Discounts

hidden savings

You can keep as quiet as you like, but one of these days somebody is going to find you.”

-Haruki Murakami

Verizon has taken new steps to becoming a leader in the mobile industry. They are now allowing consumers to increase their data for free, or allow them to stay at their same level of data for ten dollars less. Each plan for different levels of GB is a different price. This is a deal that could save each existing mobile plan $120 dollars per year. For businesses, this could mean thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars saved.

However, Verizon reps are not automatically giving existing customers these discounts. Instead, they are making it the customer’s job to monitor these deals and making no effort to tell them about the promotion. Not only do the customers have to be constantly aware of new promotions, they also have to call the company and sit on hold to tell Verizon they want this discount. Both consumers and businesses alike are too busy to monitor these confusing promotions. This trend of mobile service providers discounting services and host promotions for new clients, without informing existing customers is occurring too often. This is because telecom service providers normally focus on obtaining new clients, and not retaining existing customers.

Thankfully there are expert third party telecom specialists available to you that are aware of all telecommunication promotions and can work with your providers to get the lowest rates possible. These companies take over the job of monitoring new savings and working with reps to alter contracts. However, a simple warning, make sure to use a third party telecom vendor that wants to work with you as a partner and is experienced in contract negotiation. This can make the pivotal difference between you saving hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands of dollars.