There is A New Face (Multiple Faces) of the Snowflake

LT~CRS likes to be on the cutting edge of technological innovations, but it’s a rare occasion where we can inform our reader’s that a memorable image in nature has changed. Scientific Innovations have invented a New Camera which takes 3D snap shots of snowflakes in midair! This camera has revealed that the 2D image of the snowflake we were introduced to as a child, is actually not what the average snowflake looks like.

Now some of you science buffs may be saying “I have seen pictures of real snowflakes in science books…are you telling me those books are wrong?” Usually in this case LT~CRS (like with your telecom billing) would say don’t believe everything you read, but in this case the books weren’t wrong. What science books usually show is images of snowflakes under a microscope. The only snowflakes that will show when flattened by the microscope slide will be those flat 2D snowflakes we emulate by cutting up pieces of paper into delicate snowflake depictions. However, this is a minority of snowflakes. Most snowflakes are clusters of crystal in an uneven ball shape.

The only way we would have discovered that we were wrong about such basic element in our lives would not have been made possible without this new technology. Just like innovations in technology reveal new issues in telecom expense that we can resolve.