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Four Facts Every Expense Management Professional Must Know!

What should a telecom and utility expense audit show?

A service provider audit for (telecom, utilities; water, waste, gas, electric) should;

  1. UNCOVER contract compliance violations and inventory related billing errors – in the very least.
  2. PROVIDE pertinent information about billing inaccuracies and a lack of financial oversight that are eating away at profits over time.
  3. ARM you with information that allows you to better understand which investments are the most valuable, which to reconsider and which new opportunities you should act on.
  4. MOVE your company into a more viable financial path by recovering lost profit, clarifying your service portfolio and get rid of excess.



Expert telecom and utility auditors are vendor management experts. They spend hours researching line items, contract terms, rates, tariffs and taxation costs. All the while, aggressively contacting vendors, dealing with long hold times, varying levels of carrier and provider responsiveness and competency and numerous, follow up calls to ensure vendor integrity, terms, conditions and costs are in the best interest of your organization. They have developed a high level of expertise in contract negotiations, are well versed in regulation and compliance standards, constantly acquiring vendor product and pricing education having the expert contractual knowledge to “inspect, reduce, and improve profits”.

Is your organization lacking the internal expertise to properly audit telecom and utility billing to reduce expenses? Have you considered outsourcing this responsibility?

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