Softphone-Turn any PC into a fully functional Phone

Featured Product - Softphone-Turn any PC into a fully functional PhoneA Softphone is a carrier-grade next generation softphone application that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your PC desktop. It is completely integrated with your VoIP phone system, offering your mobile professionals full office phone functionality through any PC, anywhere they travel.

The Softphone functions like your desk phone—it uses the same extension and features such as caller ID, extension-to-extension dialing, voicemail and three-way calling—offering seamless communications from anywhere on the road. The Softphone can handle up to three simultaneous calls and can be used to record and store calls as .wav files, helping mobile professionals safeguard communications and maintain business continuity.

The Softphone can be used from virtually any Internet-connected PC with a microphone and speakers

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