Give one good reason why customers of any size should move into The Cloud?

Andrew Baker   posted a new answer to the following question:

Why do we say, “move into the cloud” like it’s an all or nothing venture?

Any organization should evaluate all of the sourcing options available to it, to ensure that they add value to the business without excessive risk (i.e. risk that cannot be managed). 

Using cloud computing in any of its many forms can provide an organization with tools and technologies that they would be more difficult or expensive for them to build and/or maintain. It allows them to make key decisions about products and services that they will use, without having to simultaneously make decisions about the underlying infrastructure that will be needed to support that application or service. (Should any business have to worry about what database technology underlies the product that would otherwise be the best one in a category for them, except that they only have XYZ database developers on staff?)

The judicious *use* of cloud computing can benefit any organization that needs flexible and cost-effective access to technology and services that can be provisioned more easily and scaled up or down more rapidly than traditional on-premise options.