As far as being green goes, Limitless Technology helps its clients reduce their power consumption through power management and by selling products that meet green standards.

“We teach people to use an electronic interface for communication, and not paper and we sell re-manufactured products and products made from recycled materials,” Larsen said. “We help our clients make the right decisions to reduce their power use.”

Larsen doesn’t just preach the green gospel. He also puts it to practice in his own office.

“We are 90 percent green,” Larsen said. “It’s a big part of our culture and philosophy.”

Limitless Technology is a completely paperless environment.

“That was our first initiative,” Larsen said. “Nothing is printed unless it is customer mandated.” The company’s printing amounts to fewer than 100 pieces per month. The company also uses only recycled products, in addition to recycling.

“We’ve removed the pen and pad from our business,” Larsen said. “Each day, we make a conscious effort to improve our process. We’re not perfect, and we realize other companies aren’t either, but if everyone took a step toward being green it would make a big difference. I look at the depletion of our resources, I see oil leaking into the ocean and I think about how each company can make a small change to make a difference. If we can make others aware of what we can do, we can create greener pastures for our future.”

Larsen admits that the adoption process for going green has been a slow one. However, the demand is growing.

“Companies have the desire and we are filling the demand,” Larsen said. “There are massive cost benefits to going green.”

Those benefits include tax advantages and deferments and energy consumption savings, which Larsen can help his clients achieve.

“Green products and consulting have become a part of our organization,” Larsen said. “We want to help improve things for future generations. It makes us feel good to be able to do something good for the environment.”