Is Labor Day Misleading as an American Celebration?

Isn’t it ironic that Labor Day refers to the celebration of a day free from labor?

Of course the holiday celebrates the American worker’s hard work and dedication,  so the name Labor Day does make sense, but since the point is to give American workers a relaxing day, shouldn’t the day be called “Relaxation Day”?

We know that if Limitless Technology CRS were to have a national holiday for the workers of the world based on what we do, we would not name it “Cost Day.” We would name it something along the lines of “Limitless Technology Just Saved Your Company A Ton of Money on Their Telecom Bill So You Should Probably Go on That Vacation You Have Been Too Afraid to Take….Day.”

Because sometimes your bills are more than a bit misleading, Limitless Technology removes costs form those bills and saves companies money, …and hopefully with that savings jobs too (Now that would be a Happy Labor Day!).

Although we do deal with removing costs, we know  “Cost Day” would be the opposite of what your company would be celebrating with us. 🙂

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