Limitless Technology provides nationwide telecom cost reduction and consulting services to medium, large and enterprise businesses across the USA. Our services cover many industries from construction, finance, health, legal, transportation, multi-location and more.

LT~CRS has differentiated itself by creating a strong team of expert telecom auditors and cost reduction services which benefit the customer most by eliminating unnecessary spend and improving bottom line performance.

Specialties include: telecom expense management, billing optimization, shared savings based auditing, and strategic telecom / technology consultation .


In the US, the $3 trillion ecosystem of hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers that make up the healthcare industry will be spending over $100 billion between now and 2017 on telecommunications services and equipment. New technologies will be introduced and telecom billing management will still remain a challenge for the organization to manage and keep on track with minimal errors and accurate contractual charges.

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We are passionate about cost reduction, contract improvement, and increasing our Clients profitability.

LT~CRS has worked with many industries in many different financial situations and has successfully been able to overcome the unique challenges of each one.

If you have questions regarding your specific telecom industry savings, contact Limitless Technology.