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Koelsch Senior Communities recognizes LT~CRS

Koelsch’s Experience

“I am writing this to record my extremely favorable impression of Limitless Technology and to express my gratitude for the very real results they have produced for Koelsch Senior Communities of Olympia, WA.”

I am reluctant to enter into new vendor relationships and do so only after I have been thoroughly convinced that the vendor can do what he says he can do. Todd and I talked for two years before I agreed to let him review my tech services. During this time he was never pushy or bothersome. He explained and re-explained the process patiently. When I finally agreed to let Limitless help us I made it clear that we were going to do very little beyond processing the required photocopies and the scanning necessary to get them the documents they needed. This worked out for us as planned and Limitless met my expectations with great and friendly service headed by Cindy.

Limitless worked methodically through the cable, internet, wireless telephone and landline telephone accounts of our 15 senior living communities and our home office entity. Occasionally they needed more information from us and waited patiently for my staff to get around to responding. They always let me know where they were in the process. At the end of the process Limitless identified and instituted on our behalf, with very little effort on our part, a total of $28,500 in annual savings and they provided documentation of the savings in handy and readable reports.

I am very pleased with Limitless, with the personal attention provided by Todd and Cindy and with their kind and patient recognition of the many demands on my time.
Don’t wait as long as I did to let them help you.

Dennis J. Christianson
Director of Finance
Koelsch Senior Communities
Olympia, WA