Wired LAN Infrastructure - Limitless TechnologyToday’s network infrastructure is capable of doing so much more than just the tradition switching and routing data from point A to point B.  Switching and routing technology is capable of running just about any application in your business network from traditional Data such email, file sharing, and Internet access to latest applications such Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, Collaboration and Video Surveillance.

Businesses no longer need multiple networks such data, voice, video and wireless as all these applications can be consolidated into a single “WIRED” network. Thus the network infrastructure needs to built out with these consideration in mind and great planning needs to be done to architect it correctly to leverage all these applications and services in a single “WIRED” network.  Limitless Technology understands the Switching, Routing and Wireless hardware business implement and the needs to be well architected standards based solutions with special attention to power-over-Ethernet (PoE), quality of service (QoS) and Security:

LAN Switching

Businesses can create a better network with right switching hardware.  Switches provide a secure switch foundation to help enable data, voice, video, and wireless solutions:

▪ Expandability: Integrate easily with existing hardware to provide a complete data, voice, video, and wireless networking solution.
▪ Performance: Up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds to deliver optimal network performance.
▪ Flexibility: Security, quality, and power features support new applications and technologies, as business needs change.
▪ Simple Management: Choice of easy-to-use embedded device management software to manage the entire network.
▪ Reliability: Rigorously tested to provide reliable connectivity and performance.
▪ Affordable: Designed specifically for small businesses &emdash; without sacrificing features or security.

WAN & Internet Security

Connecting your small businesses to the outside world is as important as connecting your internal network devices to each other.   Make all these exchanges securely with Secure Business Routers:

▪ VPN: Virtual private network technology lets your remote workers connect toyour network through a secure Internet pathway. They can access their email and files as if they were in the office.
▪ Security: Built-in firewalls, advanced encryption, and authentication features protect your network from external threats, keeping your business assets safe.
▪ Connectivity: Ability to have multiple connection options for maximum network expandability. Whether you’re using them for an increased number of physical ports or wireless connectivity, these routers are built to deliver advanced connection sharing.

Contact us today to discuss your Wired LAN Infrastructure. Let us help you build out your network to support your business needs for today and tomorrow.

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