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The Role of Finance in Vendor Management

In a traditional business structure, Vendor Management and Finance are two separate departments, working alongside one another within the organization. While this works, it isn’t the most efficient and effectiv...


Managing the Vendor Lifecycle

A surprising number of vendor management organizations do not actively manage the vendor lifecycle. When creating vendor management policies, the clear majority of organizations’ issues arise because of poor ve...


Fraud or Mismanagement…Why are there billing errors on your invoices?

At some point or another, your vendor management team has found themselves looking over an invoice wondering, “Why are there billing errors on these invoices? Where did they come from? Is my vendor trying to sl...


Top 3 Compliance Challenges for Vendor Management Teams

In an increasingly regulated world, and a rapidly changing business environment, organizations are facing greater scrutiny than ever when it comes to compliance.  The focus on compliance is expected t...


“Do It for Me” vs. “Do It Yourself” Becoming A Popular Model for Vendor Management

As businesses continue to grow and incur higher operational costs, there is an increasing need to optimize efficiency and cut costs. With a pandemic threatening available manpower and extending project hours, c...


The Benefits of Cross Functional Roles on Vendor Management Teams

Managing the complexity of vendor relationships can be a daunting undertaking…but it doesn’t have to be. High-performance, cross-functional outsourced teams have the knowledge advantages from multiple industrie...