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Challenges Controlling Costs in Long Term Healthcare Industry

There are thousands of new residents entering long-term healthcare facilities every day, bringing continued opportunity to grow. However, with new cost concerns since the pandemic began, occupanc...


Have you delayed your vendor audits due to Covid-19?

While it’s hard to blame a company for canceling vendor audits during the pandemic, it’s important to understand that business is moving forward, and straying from good business practices is never a good idea. ...


Audit Trails

Our CEO, Todd Larsen, provides insight into the value of Audit Trails.   /* */


What is an Audit Trail, and Why Do You Need One?

Every interaction your company has with a vendor when relating to its services has a trail of information. Taking the time to make sure that this trail is easy to access, follow, and confirm is the first step t...


Benchmark Analytics

Are you using the right metrics to benchmark your contract rates and terms? /* */ To learn more about Benchmark Analytics check out this block post.


What is the Difference Between Cost Savings and Cost Avoidance?

When managing vendors and contracts, it is good practice to both keep costs down and avoid spending more money than is required. The more cash you keep, the better your profits will be. However, in some busines...