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No business should have to feel they are “on the watch” for changes in their contracts and agreements.

It happens all of the time. Clients that audit their own invoices and manage their own contracts…spend wasted hours trying to sort out the fees and promo plans service providers offer. In the end (months l...

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How to Identify Reliable Outsourcing Partners in 2024

It seems as if each year, new challenges arise when it comes to managing your business more effectively. And in 2024, that is no exception. The rapidly evolving landscape of industries, compounded by global eve...


“Do It for Me” vs. “Do It Yourself”… Should you Consider Outsourcing Vendor Management?

As businesses continue to grow and incur higher operational costs, there is an increasing need to optimize efficiency and cut costs.  When it comes to vendor management, the old DiY approach, combined with a si...

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What Is A Cost Reduction Strategy?

Cost reduction is a process used by businesses to reduce overhead and expenses and increase the bottom line. The strategies can vary depending on the complexity of a company’s spending, the number of vendors, t...


Why is cost reduction as important as top line revenue growth?

Often times when speaking with C-level executives I hear a jaded view on revenue in general. Most executives feel that sales forgives all sins and that top line revenue is king. But is it? Because at the end...


Why are you trying to do everything in-house?

With inflation and economic uncertainty dominating the headlines, when do you ask yourself the important questions: Why are we trying to do everything in-house, and when do we start looking outside to expert...