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Poor Contract Management:  A Higher Cost than You Might Think 

An independent study conducted by the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), concluded that poor contract management can cost companies upwards of 9% of their total annual r...


5 – Point Checklist to Manage Your Vendors Better

Vendor management is a repeatable, effective method for developing and monitoring third-party providers of goods and services. It is also a way to derive as much VALUE as possible from contracts and build mutua...


Challenges Controlling Costs in Long Term Healthcare Industry

There are thousands of new residents entering long-term healthcare facilities every day, bringing continued opportunity to grow. However, with new cost concerns since the pandemic began, occupanc...


Have you delayed your vendor audits due to Covid-19?

While it’s hard to blame a company for canceling vendor audits during the pandemic, it’s important to understand that business is moving forward, and straying from good business practices is never a good idea. ...


Audit Trails

Our CEO, Todd Larsen, provides insight into the value of Audit Trails.   /* */


What is an Audit Trail, and Why Do You Need One?

Every interaction your company has with a vendor when relating to its services has a trail of information. Taking the time to make sure that this trail is easy to access, follow, and confirm is the first step t...