Laura-PLaura Poveromo (The Pov) is a seasoned professional working in the Telecom, Data and High Tech Electronic Industry for over 20 years. She managed Fortune 500 clients as well as AZ state government and municipalities with then privately owned Gencom and continued working with these clients after Gencom was sold to Pacific Telesis.

With her eyes set on making a larger contribution she spent 6 years working with Marshall Industries helping OEMs and VARs build the perfect beast. Wanting to connect Design Engineers with the best of breed electronic manufacturers, she began marketing and quantifying the results of these connections through Marshall’s subsidiary ENEN (Education, News and Entertainment Network), one of the first web broadcasting pioneers.

Longing to be back to a coastal environment lead her to working with a behind the scenes company that was the support and backbone of all things streaming – as in media. She was responsible for multiple client portfolios for upgrades thereby increasing their monthly value by tens of thousands. She continued managing a sales team of 10, for this predominant leader of its time- Nine Systems. Laura also trained the team on sales management software and established contract process and review which led to 50% fewer billing error and delinquent accounts.

Coming around full circle, she is delighted to be working with some of her former colleagues from Pacific Telesis who have created such an impactful business model at Limitless Technology~Cost Reduction Specialists. As a Director of Business Development, Laura has a tenacious appetite for driving out cost for her clients. “There is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than being an integral part of the cost reduction equation that greatly improves my clients’ bottom line.”