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Limitless Technology Recovers over $28K in Billing Errors and $10K in Go-Forward Savings

Limitless Technology has extensive experience providing Billing Optimization services and implementing effective periodic bill audits. Using a very structured approach, we tackle each element of the audit process, one step at a time. 

We are often asked, “How much can we save?”  Well, every situation is different.  Here is one example of just 1 BILLING ERROR that recovered over $28,000 and saved an additional $10,000 in “Go-Forward” savings.

One of our multi-location long term healthcare clients had an elevator maintenance & repair contract with a local vendor.  During the contract review process, it was determined that, although there was a rate-lock for the duration of the contract, the vendor had increased their rate annually over 3 years, over-charging the client $28,444.  After making the vendor aware of the error, they agreed to refund the entire amount owed.  Also, they agreed to return their rate to the original terms of the contract, saving an additional $10,000 annually for the remainder of the contract term.  

This is the value that our VMS Platinum service provides.  Limitless Technology has spent years mastering the management of complex variable expenses. Our team works with a broad spectrum of companies that are under great pressure to: manage costs, find creative ways to be more efficient, and grow their business.

We respect that companies employ vendor management staff to manage the day to day operations.  What most fail to realize is that not only do these teams not have the tools, visibility and best data to benchmark, analyze and make the best decisions, but they often lack the time AND/OR expertise required to do this kind of detailed analytical work. This experience and expertise are how we identify savings and recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients every year.

Would you like to see what you can potentially save?  CLICK HERE to estimate your savings with our Cost Savings Calculator.  It will only take a few minutes, and you can estimate what your business might save.

About Limitless Technology

Limitless Technology, LLC has been managing complex indirect spend and vendor documentation since 2006 for some of the largest companies in the USA saving them millions in costs.

Through our Billing Optimization and Vendor Management Solutions proprietary platforms, we utilize technology, processes, expertise, time, and resources to improve our client’s bottom-line.

Limitless Technology manages your vendors, so you can manage and grow your business.

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