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LT~CRS saves senior care provider $164,000 a year in Telecommunication Spending.

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LT~CRS saves senior care provider $164,000 a year in Telecommunication Spending.

Senior care provider was spending $625,000 per year on telecom related expenses within their 18 facilities in multiple states.Annual-Telecom-Savings


Like most senior care providers the healthcare industry faces many challenges from strict compliance, changes in technology, balancing privacy and convenience, data security, expanded roles and meeting financial viability. Healthcare industry is always faced with the demands of generating sufficient income to meeting operating payments, debt commitments, and additional income to allow for growth and all while maintaining service levels. So where can a healthcare provider look for cost savings? Let’s take a look at one savings business case.

Case #S34993
Senior care provider focused on rehabilitation centers, assisted living, retirement centers, hospice and long-term acute care.

• 18 multi-state facilities
• 2000+ employees
• $150M+ in annual revenue
• Total Monthly Spend $52K
• Total Annual Spend $625K

The complexities of multiple facilities, carriers and geographies, coupled with lack of standard processes were over-whelming to the current management.

Additional challenges they were facing.

• Branch leadership changes
• Decentralized Operational decision making
• No consistent telecom procurement practices or audit process
• Limited telecom contract expertise

Is this you?

Are your facilities struggling to streamline your telecom procurement practices, are contracts being reviewed for the best telecom solution without wasteful expenses or errors? Let’s take a look at the proposed solution and outcome …

Deep dive examination of all of the following:

• Telecom services & contracts
• Forensic billings review
• Verification of service by type
• Findings/Recommendation of changes
• Implementation of changes by LT~CRS with Approval
• Proof of savings before invoicing

Upon completion senior care provider received a 23% savings in the 1st year.

That’s $164,000 in annual telecom savings….and over $750K in 5 years!

The saving were broken down into 3 categories:
• 1 time credits
• New annual spend
• Go-forward reductions



Quote from our client…
“TLC Management would highly recommend that any organization (with multiple sites and phone users) welcomes Limitless Technology into their board room and allow them to present their array of services. Moreover, the staff at Limitless Technology is made up of consummate professionals who seek approvals on any changes to an organizations’ technology infrastructure. You will know in advance BEFORE any changes are made. This was very important to TLC as we moved forward in this relationship.” … READ MORE


Cullen S Gibson
Vice President of Operations

Summary Financials

• Monthly Savings = $13K
• Annual Savings = $164K
• 1st Year Total Savings = 26%

Don’t give away profits and repurpose your savings to other important elements of your business!

LT~CRS has worked with many industries in many different financial situations and has successfully been able to overcome the unique challenges of each one.
If you have questions regarding your specific telecom industry savings, contact Limitless Technology.

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