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Lunch Invites and Missed Opportunities

No one likes to eat lunch alone, and I am no exception. However, usually when I invite colleagues to lunch, they often say something along the lines of “I just don’t have the time”. I usually reply “Well, you have to eat don’t you?” and then I convince the colleague that it would be better for them to spend a little more time eating and catching up, rather than simply grabbing something at Mickey D’s (that is what everyone over 40 used to call “McDonald’s”).

This is how people often miss out on opportunities. They are too afraid that a potential opportunity will waist time, so the opportunity is abandoned. That is how people miss out on huge benefits to their business.

For instance, say my colleague’s name is Jeff and he owns a medium sized medical facility that has a huge Telecom spend (In other words, large phone and internet bills). If Jeff just runs to “Fast Food Place A”, then he could miss out on what Limitless Technology can offer him.

If he goes to lunch with me, then I would most likely talk about how Limitless Technology audits Phone bills for NO COST (like I usually do), and only takes a percentage of the savings we find him for the first year. Well, because of this lunch, Jeff now knows that he can easily be saving a great deal of money at no cost to him (since he is already spending that money each year).

See how an extra 20 minutes at lunch can go a long way?