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March to a New Beat This Quarter

Many of us do not take interest in headphones. If we want to listen to music off our MP3 or iPad/iPhone we simply pull out the little jewelry box-like container that our phone came in and pull out the little pair of headphones they give us of go to some big tech selling store and buy the cheapest ones we can find.

However, there is a group out there that has a head phone obsession. They pay hundreds of dollars for the ear phones the have the perfect sound and comfort. Neither of these groups are what I want to focus one, I want to focus on the group that doesn’t want to spends hundreds on ear phones but also want something a little more comfortable than a small piece of plastic shoved in their ear.

For that group of people, Grado iGrado-Behind-the-Neck Stereo Headphones is the good that will satisfy your wants. Grados go around the ear instead of inside it and are cushioned for comfort.

Instead of having the cords laying in front of you, like the iPhone, and wrapping around bags, clothes, and even door handles and ripping them out of your ears (yes, that has happened to me) Grados wrap around your neck and have one non dangling cord.

They also produce a high-quality natural sound that allows you to hear the sharpest of sounds in music and the clearest language for audio business books.

The best part is that they only cost $50 retail! So, spend a little bit more money and, I promise, your ears will thank you.