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What is missing? Maybe several of these $100’s in your wallet every day. Wouldn’t it be great to get more? Well actually you wouldn’t be getting more you would just be keeping the ones that you are giving away. You see every month realistically hundreds and thousands of dollars are being paid out to telecom service providers for services that are either not being used, were never contracted for or worse hidden 3rd party fees that found their way in and were never discovered and never canceled. Therefore, errors just continue to appear on your monthly invoices, get paid anyway and your business losses money almost every time.

Do you think that your telecom bill has errors? Well for many businesses like yours, surveys show telecom bills having over an 80% error rate which is HUGE and means every month their and potentially your providers are being overpaid. That probably doesn’t rest well with you? Are you OK with overpaying these large profitable companies every month – out of your pocket? If you are under the notion “well they are large corporations and they can’t overcharge or this is probably against the law and can’t occur or they wouldn’t go against best business practices”. We don’t like telling you this but you are probably WRONG! In fact, it happens every day. So much so, that in some cases these providers are even in the news pending lawsuits for overcharges.

“AT&T is getting a massive $100 million fine for ‘throttling’ their unlimited plan customers”
From Business Insider (June 17, 2015)

Read more: http://limitlesstechnology.com/att-fined/

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