Mobility - Limitless TechnologyTechnology has always ushered in new opportunities for productivity enhancement. Companies that can embrace and exploit technological innovation, particularly its disruptive aspects, typically win in the market or capture market share over those that cannot. Today, a new wave of technological disruption is upon us: the hyper-extension of corporate mobility-enable employees to work from anywhere at any time.

Corporate mobility is not new for enterprises. In fact, remote access and telecommuting solutions have existed for quite some time. But what is new is the astounding rate of change in corporate mobility platforms and the ability for the enterprise to support it, coupled with the fact that the change is being ushered in by employees, not the traditional IT group.

Corporations must embrace mobility to remain competitive and evolve to a new model of efficient workloads. In today’s lean economic times, downsizing and global outsourcing are the norm; companies must do more with less. Embracing mobility is in the best interest of corporate organizations as it leads to even greater productivity than what we have achieved with the Internet.

Not only is it imperative from a competitive standpoint, but the shifting demographics of today’s workforces also demand it. As baby boomers retire and become a smaller part of the working population over the next 20 years, the gen Y and millennial generations will rapidly grow to equal and surpass the generation X subset of workers in our global society. These generations believe in the social web, Internet communities, constant communication, and information exchange. Many of today’s younger workers have been brought up with such a pervasive Internet connection that making use of their ability to be “always on” for corporate purposes has the potential to create a huge boon in productivity.



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