Plum Healthcare Group’s Whitney Oaks Care Center in Carmichael, CA

Plum Healthcare Group, LLC working with LIMITLESS for 37% Annual Savings in Telecom Audit and Billing Optimization

“Plum Healthcare Group, LLC was approached by Limitless at the NIC conference in 2013. Our CEO invited them to contact me to see how they could help us in reducing our telecom, wireless, cable and internet costs. After meeting with Todd Larsen and hearing how they could help us find significant savings by thoroughly auditing our bills and plans, we engaged LIMITLESS in early 2014. I was intrigued by the solution they offered because over the past 14 years, Plum had been growing rapidly through acquisitions, including a very large purchase in 2011 of 27 facilities. I always had a nagging feeling that there were many phone lines and services no longer in use and never really addressed during the transactions.”

“After working on several buildings, my sense of waste was confirmed. The team at LIMITLESS worked tirelessly with us to review our invoices to find savings in almost every case! I was so grateful they were the ones interacting with the various carriers. They fought long and hard with difficult and slow-to-respond carriers, acting as our advocate every step of the way. They were so professional and courteous. I consider them to be a part of my team, dedicated to dealing with one of the most frustrating aspects of my job. They helped us to cancel unused services and contracts, to get the best pricing available and to negotiate very favorable contracts for us.”

“As a result, we saw a 37% annual savings in Local, Long Distance and Wireless services! They also saved us 10% in other areas like TV, broadband circuits and conference calling services. Our overall savings was 31% representing over $621,000 in annual savings. I am currently working with LIMITLESS on ways we can continue to ensure that we stay on top of the often confusing and time-consuming black hole of telecom and data spend. If you have a nagging feeling (like I did) that there is waste in your organization related to your telecom costs, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes talking with the great people at LIMITLESS. Bring them onto your team like I did. You will not be disappointed.”

  • Plum Healthcare Group, LLC
  • Stan Anderson
  • Director of IT

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