Prevent data loss disasters

Know what happens if a small business today is suddenly without data? Nothing, that’s what. No customers get served. No orders get filled. No employees get paid. Take away access to data and just about any organization grinds to a halt.

That’s why all small businesses must have strategies both for preventing data loss and for recovering from those unpredictable data disasters. Here are three tips for the mission-critical work of keeping your business up and running.

Back up data remotely. The simplest means to ensure that business data is protected from disaster — both natural and man-made — is to back it up to a remote site, not in close proximity to the main office. Today the cloud offers many choices for remote backup, as do several vendors. Check with a trusted partner for the many options available to small businesses for automated, remote backup.

Consider RAID to prevent against data loss due to hard disk failure. RAID (redundant array of independent disks) combines a collection of disks into a single array, allowing a business to store redundant data across multiple disks that are updated copies of one another. This provides data redundancy and therefore protection against a disk failure. In the event one disk fails, the data will still be recoverable.

Look closely at data deduplication. ‘Deduping’ is a storage optimization solution that stores only new information, eliminating any copies of data. This makes the data faster and cheaper to back up and quicker to recover because there is less of it. Deduping also frees up storage capacity, cuts down on unnecessary storage-related power consumption and eases the storage management burden.

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