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Reducing Your Business’s Cell Phone Bill

Even the smallest companies are issuing mobile phones or BlackBerrys to their employees these days. The bottom line is that it’s costly. But not just costly. Costlier than it should be. One of the reasons is because most businesses simply pay the bill each month rather than manage the expenses. In reality, this is one bill that shouldn’t be sent through to accounts payable before performing a thorough review.

The problem is that the bills are usually not very transparent. They can be complex with lots of components that change from month to month. There are new downloads, new data plans, and new pricing plans coming out constantly. Unless you’re doing an analysis every month on your bill, you don’t realize where you’re overpaying.

One of the issues we often discover in our business when reviewing clients’ monthly bills, is that many of them have unused inventory (adding phone lines that aren’t being used) or features that aren’t being properly managed. Many businesses have old pricing plans that need to be re-evaluated. As a business grows and changes, an old plan may no longer be in the business’s best interest. Oftentimes, there are straight-out billing errors that cost the business a lot of money month after month.

How did your business choose the plan it is currently using? Was it the service provider who helped to make that decision? The sales people of the service provider are typically paid commissions based on the pricing plan they put you on and are not necessarily going to tell you about specials or how to downgrade your account. They probably won’t even tell you if you’re paying for more service than you need! The takeaway is that it’s not in the business owners’ best interest to let a service providers’ sales representative mange the account.

The best solution to cut the costs is to allow experts like Limitless Technology review your bills. Your business may be eligible for discounts or just need a new plan to better fit its needs. Are 40% of your calls to one or two numbers? Your carrier may offer free calling to selected numbers. Limitless Technology can check for extra charges that are incurred because of unrequested features added to your lines. Having a telecom audit may be the best thing your business can do this year to save money.

Limitless Technology provides billing optimization services to business owners who want to cut out-of-control expenses. On average, new clients are often paying 10-60% more per month than they should, thanks to billing errors and inappropriate pricing plans. Limitless Technology can provide businesses with cost reduction strategies that save money long term. Have questions? We’re here to help.