Repair - Limitless TechnologyNow that your network has been installed for a number of years, the question of maintaining it in the most cost-effective manner is something that is top of mind for most of our customers. Limitless Technology offers customer specific telecommunication equipment maintenance solutions to improve network operations while reducing costs.

Below is a partial list of our telecommunications equipment repair services available.

Telecom Equipment Repair and Exchange Services
Limitless Technlogy supports both factory new and legacy equipment. . Our telecommunications equipment maintenance services include switching, routing, transport, power, data and wireless. Equipment is repaired internally and through our network of certified partners.

Redeployment of Assets
Limitless Technology understands that becuase your original purchase of costly telecom equipment sometimes needs to be redeployed, we can help. We work closely with both Service Providers and OEMs to to provide the ability to enhance and utilized these assets by enabling SIP Gateways and trunking solutions in your business environments.

Flexible Repair Contracts
We can customize our hourly or blocks of service times to fit your exact needs. We focus on providing your company the right amount of technical assistance to help you spend less and save more.

Out-of-Warranty and End-of-Life Support
When a product or group of products come off of warranty, or the OEM no longer supports a product, Limitless Technology can support your out-of-warranty and end-of-life repair needs. If we don’t currently have a particular capability in-house, we will work with you and our engineers to develop it.

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