Repairing or fixing phone systems…why?

So… Just a couple of things to think about. Does the warranty include voicemail or other service (line) or integration cards (voicemail) or additional ports. Can the unit expand (even if you don’t plan on expanding)…and what about local service or remote service. What is the charge? And.. didn’t they say it blew because you had irregular voltage coming into your business? How did the new KSU stop that from happening?

These are the types of things I would like you to keep on the top of your mind and begin to evaluate before you need a phone system “asap” because it is down, and the cost reductions you can embrace because you can utilize the power of the internet Vs. high priced telephone lines or circuits. You can run this system over any IP circuit…cable, DSL , T1’s or bigger…but that comes down to an evaluation of your usage, budget, wants and redundancy needs. That really takes sitting sown and seeing where your business communication areas for improvement are…not selling you a phone system. There are lots of VoIP phone systems out there…but we only sell those that provide a business Class of Service and included the ability to deliver Class of Service and Quality of Service offerings.

Remember…We eliminate your LD spend, give you unlimited local calling and provide you richer feature sets that save time, money and increase effectiveness such as:

Feature Highlights

Hot Desking. Enables employees to move around the office and between locations. Users simply log in to any phone and begin making and receiving calls or use any of the other features as if they were at their own desks.

Click To Dial. A Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enables users to interface directly with their phone from Outlook’s contact manager. Simply click-to-dial phone numbers directly from the contacts list and the system immediately opens a line and activates the speakerphone on your desk phone and calls the contact selected.

Voicemail. Get voicemail notifications and messages from any phone, via the online portal and receive messages through e-mail, even on your smart phone.

Call Coverage Let users determine how calls are handled and where calls go if left unanswered. Send calls to voicemail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone altogether.

Auto Attendant. Ensures effective call handling by allowing inbound callers to select options from a menu of prompts that can route calls to user extensions and company directories.

And more…Phone Features
Call display
Call hold
Call park/retrieve
Caller ID with name
Caller’s list
Intercom Muting
Message waiting indicator
Multiple calling line ID’s
Multiple line appearances
Power over Ethernet phones
Redial Site page
Speaker phone
Speed dial
Station busy indicator
Three-way calling
Transfer to voicemail
Service Features
Account codes
Auto-attendant – nested
Broadcast groups
Business quality voice
Call coverage
Call detail records
Call forward
Call hunting – circular
Call hunting – linear Call permissions profiles
Call transfer
E911 compliant
Extension dialing
Hot desking
Join/Leave call groups
Join/Merge calls
Music on hold
Phone key profiles by type
Private CLID’s Voicemail
Voicemail: fwd to e-mail
Voicemail: return call
Voicemail: fwd to Co-worker
Voicemail: dial-out
Voicemail notification: e-mail
Voicemail notification: SMS/text
Zero Out: personal
Web Portal
Auto-generated key labels
Click-to-call directories
My phone page Online management
Online self-help documentation
Phone directory – employee Phone directory – external
Visual voicemail
Web portal

Our phone systems bottom line…reduce you costs, and do your business better!

I appreciate you keeping us in mind for the future. If the future gets closer, we’re just a VoIP phone call away!

In the meantime…If you have any friend or associate looking to save money and reduce their cost while improving their communications, let us know.