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“A Few of our Trusted Clients and What they Had to Say…”


“…They were able to bring to us a variety of options for Telecom and Cable to also include better contract terms. We all know how difficult it is to negotiate with these companies who are notorious for not giving an inch. LIMITLESS’s database of pricing information is invaluable and allows them to leverage this knowledge in obtaining the best pricing for their clients…

LIMITLESS continues to find savings on our behalf and they do it with the utmost professionalism. We love the fact that they interact directly with our Communities to ensure that any changes made will be beneficial to them…”


“…As a midsized industrial laundry, I was initially skeptical about Limitless and their ability to truly negotiate and find savings within our current providers and agreements. They certainly exceeded my expectations. After providing the initial documentation for the audit phase, Limitless took over and required very little from my team in order to complete their audit…

“…In the end, they were able to save us over 27% within our current agreements without straining any relationships with our strategic suppliers. I want to thank you and your amazing team for helping us find savings that we didn’t even know were there…


“…LT-CRS was prompt and thorough and we quickly decided that out of the various companies we contacted for this kind of service, LT-CRS was the way to go! Most of our initial contact included the CEO, Todd Larsen, that was important to us. We were impressed that Todd took such a personal interest in his clients and worked very close to ensure that the audit started off successful. Right from the beginning they were transparent about their work, their methods and how they would do their best to find us the best savings possible…

“…Our team at LT-CRS worked hard to get us the best possible deals, identify old and unused phone lines (we were paying for 3 random landlines for who knows how many years!), and reduce our wireless bills while also increasing our data limits! Who knew any of that was possible!?…”