Retirement Community Finance Director shares their concern with “Controlling Expenses”

I am extremely lucky to have met Tom Carrigan at the NIC Conference in Chicago. As a single-site non-profit CCRC, controlling our expenses is extremely important to us; however, most of our time internally is focused on expenses associated with staffing or medical supplies or food. During our initial meeting, Tom laid out a clear plan for how Limitless Technology may be able to find some savings within our telecommunication spend.

Tom and his team of Pam Feirick, Cindy Larsen, and Terri Frederique are extremely knowledgeable, and the service they provide is top notch. They were good representatives of Meadowlark Hills in all of their talks with our vendors. As a result of their work, our telecommunications expenses went down by 14%. Included in these savings were 18% savings in our bulk cable spend, 15% savings in wireless services, and almost 30% savings in paging services.

There’s more good news…. The time spend by our staff internally on this project was very minuscule. All of the leg work was performed by Tom’s team. Our accounts payable clerk spent a few minutes on the front end e-mailing invoices to the team and then on the back end we approved the changes. It was as simple as that.

Chris Nelson
Finance Director, Meadowlark Hills