Every company wants to save money on telecom bills, cut costs and gain a profitable edge on the competition. These bottom-line issues concern executives who want to reshape their companies to meet the challenges of the new economy. Electronic commerce, e-mail, online customer support, telecommuters, and a mobile sales teams are disruptive realities driving the telecommunications needs of today. In turn, telecommunication costs are fast becoming one of the largest expenses and most complex areas to  manage for companies today. It’s no longer just a matter of adding more telephones and trying to get the lowest rate on minutes. If the telecommunications infrastructure is not adequate to meet the escalating demand placed on it, it may be a potential huge inhibitor of a company’s growth.

Companies are also faced with tremendous pressures to control expenses; yet they are inundated with more choices of service types and costs than they have ever had before. Often it seems that despite many rates going down, spend rates are constantly increasing! Limitless Technology can help your company better control your communication costs – and save money on telecom bills. 

Our certified auditors have experience in working with the myriad of phone bills, vendors, formats, along with hidden and disguised charges that are common errors on phone/telephony bills today. They are relentless in their pursuit of savings for our customers. And…we have been helping Clients recover losses and lower costs since 2005.

Billing Optimization - Limitless TechnologyDid you know there is over an 80% error rate in telecommunications billing? Our major strength lies in telephone and telecom bill auditing and whether you realize it or not, you are fair game to your billing providers. In fact, billing disputes are one of their most common problem!

An “audit” with us includes your local, long distance, 800 services (toll free) cellular, Calling Cards, Teleconferencing, and Internet lines. It will also include data networks, MPLS, as well as older services such as frame relay, ATM, or Private Line services, as well as,  telephone, equipment,  maintenance and other related services. Our experts, all have deep knowledge within telephone billing and contract experience, and review your bills for errors a report back to you with recommendations, and show you how to save money on telecom bills. We first produce savings from your current carriers, and do not suggest changing carriers, unless it is best for your overall needs. We also look for past billing errors, including the tax area, and work with the carriers to get you refunds and/or credits.

The savings we have been able to produce for our clients have averaged greater than 25% of the monthly billing.

  • According to the Aberdeen Group, a leading IT marketing analysis firm, the average Fortune 500 Company processes more than 15,000 telecom-related bills per year and the average mid-market – approximately 3,000 a year. How many invoices do you receive? How many pages are associated with each invoice? How many charges are included on each page? Is it complex and complicated? Need to save money on telecom bills?
  • Up to 85% of mid market company telecom bills are paid in full and are not audited by the organization. What effect does this have on the organization? Is there an actual experienced team in place to audit your telecom billing?
  • For bills that are validated, billing analysts most often examine just a small subset of invoices associated with the largest spending. How much is being missed in the audit process? In addition to auditing, is the team that is most familiar with the charges also researching better and more efficient communication methods?

Our telecom auditing services (click link) are provided on a  shared savings basis. We earn your business by going the “extra mile” and finding you deep savings.

Our TEM services (click link) give you month over month, or quarter over quarter review, and produce consistent savings while reducing ongoing telecom management costs.

Bottom line is you save money on telecom bills!



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