Senior Living engaged with LIMITLESS and Saved on Wasted Expenses in the areas of; utility, wireless phone, cable and internet costs.

Brightwater Senior Living engaged with LT-CRS in early 2016 to review our utility, wireless phone, cable and internet costs. Although we only had a few communities, LT-CRS was still interested in working with us and continuing to drive savings in areas we are not experts in. The group at LT-CRS worked closely with our small team to evaluate our invoices to find savings. The team worked hard with carriers that were not as interested in finding reductions and costs savings as we were. Having a third-party work directly was extremely helpful, where we didn’t’ really have the knowledge or time to focus on these areas.

As a result, we saw a significant savings in our wireless services bills and know that as we develop additional communities we will be using LT-CRS for initial setup and continued review of our carriers. I would recommend contacting the group at LT-CRS to discuss how they can help in your organization. Many companies think that they can find these savings internally but most don’t take the time or have the experience to do so. Thank you LT-CRS for being part of our team and helping us save on wasted areas so that we can fund much better deserved areas.

Kind Regards,

Quintin King

President Brightwater Senior Living