TLC Management has had the privilege in working with Limitless Technology for the past several months. TLC Management’s portfolio includes twenty skilled nursing facilities and numerous other ancillary and health care related entities with annual revenues in excess of $150 million dollars. Indeed, the size of TLC Management makes it necessary to have proper auditing practices in place relative to accounts payable management. We certainly do not have the resources to micromanage all of our payables and we recognized that we did not have the expertise to negotiate price reductions and termination of services related to our technology costs. TLC searched for an outside auditing organization that would meet our needs in this area of technology auditing (i.e. phone bills, wireless bills, etc.). We were certainly excited to see what Limitless Technology could do when we signed the contract with them in November 2011. Limitless Technology has performed beyond our expectations with nearly $100,000 dollars in savings confirmed. This savings includes but is not limited to:

  • – 40% savings in Long Distance billing
  • – 78% savings in Conferencing services
  • – Just under $15,000 in credits already issued
  • – Removed near $2,000 a month in billing for services not being utilized

TLC Management would highly recommend that any organization (with multiple sites and phone users) welcomes Limitless Technology into their board room and allow them to present their array of services. Moreover, the staff at Limitless Technology is made up of consummate professionals who seek approvals on any changes to an organizations’ technology infrastructure. You will know in advance BEFORE any changes are made. This was very important to TLC as we moved forward in this relationship. Finally should you have any questions regarding TLC’s experience with Limitless Technology, please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone at 765-517-1352.



Cullen S. Gibson

Vice President of Operations

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