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Struggles within HEALTHCARE – high quality care without raising healthcare costs.

Struggles within HEALTHCARE;

Healthcare facilities are being challenged to produce high quality care without raising healthcare costs. Moreover, hospital leaders face the additional challenge of developing policies, procedures, and incentives to improve quality within a domain that has traditionally been the province of highly autonomous professionals.

  • Growing number of patients/residents: Global patterns indicate a reliable growth within the “getting older society”– US projecting an estimated 22 percent of the US population will be at the top age 65 by 2030.
  • Variable Improvements: Tough to adapt to variable improvements for the financial system in the marketplace.
  • Improvements appear usually gradually.
  • Product newest technological innovations require employees to have much more knowledge and techniques in order to operate them.
  • Medical facilities are making use of more advanced ways of therapy; these are adapting current strategies of clinical experts. But, it might be challenging when nursing homes are not able to handle their real estate.
  • Medical facility expenditures and spending have increased. Long-term health care facilities need to have professional medical related staff members available to meet the demands of consumer.
  • Growth and development of new or expanding structures are very expensive.

Health care providers today are typically organized around specialties and services, which;

  • Complicates coordination
  • Interrupts the seamless
  • Integrated flow of patients from one process to the next
  • Leads to the duplication of many processes.

In the typical care delivery process, for example, patients see multiple providers in multiple locations and undergo a separate scheduling interaction, check-in, medical consultation, and diagnostic workup for each one. This wastes resources and creates delays. Eliminating unnecessary administrative and clinical processes represents one of the biggest opportunities for lowering costs.

Struggles within HEALTH MANAGERS;

  • Maintain Expertise to acquire and maintain the expertise needed to undertake their professional tasks.
  • Management of ongoing changes.
  • Managing change is about handling the complexity of the process. It is about evaluating, planning and implementing operations, tactics and strategies and making sure that the change is worthwhile and relevant.
  • Maintain and improve the quality of care processes and outcomes for groups of patients.

With growing struggles and uncertain economic future, how can healthcare facilities and businesses alike reduce expenses and maintain quality?

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